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Silver Lady Brentwood LTD have been

an independent service centre for

Rolls Royceand Bentley Motor Cars

since 1982. The company owner Brian

Webb has himself completed 46 years

with the marque. With the latest

computer technology we are able to

service and maintain all derivatives of

the Rolls Royce and Bentley range..


Servicing is a major part of Silver Lady,

we will meticulously go through every

inch of your vehicle to ensure that the

functionality is as if it was fresh from

the factory floor.

Restoring tired and neglected motor

cars to there former glory is one of

the forefronts of our business, and

also a burning passion of ours. We

take pride in resurrecting retired

vehicles to there former selves.

Fabrication, Paintwork and Trim are all

methodically inspected and tested as

part of our restoration process.


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from the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

through to the current Bentley GT &

GTC ranges.

We are able to offer menu service

pricing, all mechanical and electrical

solutions including Woodwork &

Leather work renovations. All work is

guaranteed and backed by the Roll

Royce & Bentley parts warranty.